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Welcome, and thanks for checking out Paintwerx Studios! I love sharing my love of painting in the variety of subject, styles, and mediums you’ll see when you browse through the collection of artwork. Perhaps you’ll find a piece that you might fall in love with, or an idea for a workshop I could teach for your group. Check out the events/workshop page for current info on this.

I’ve been both painting and teaching art for many years and still enjoy each new experience, as well as meeting students in whom I can instill a love for the same.

Marianne Harris

Artist & Instructor 

Marianne was born in Edmonton Alberta, and developed her interest in art while still in elementary school. She started with a general exposure to various types of art media, but quickly focused her interests on painting, first in oils, then watercolours, and now adding acrylics and mixed media. Over the years many artists have inspired and influenced her, and she still enjoys a variety of styles and subject matter which is represented in her artwork.

Featured Works


“I gave my grandson his painting while visiting with him last week. I just had to let you know he absolutely loved it. There were a few tears to begin with, but he will forever cherish that painting. Thanks so much for the love that painting demonstrates”

– Karen B


“I have enjoyed your classes very much, as well as I have appreciated your help and patience, which was encouraging for a beginner like me. Hope to take more courses from you very soon”.

– Maria


“I visited your show and was very impressed by your display of pictures, especially he variety and also the intensity of the colours. I was hoping to improve my semi-beginner level of watercolour painting by taking lessons from you!”

– Leroy


“Thank you for inspiring our daughter to paint. She now has her own supplies, brushes, paint, easel, etc. Her eyes light up when she recalls painting with you. We are truly grateful for your care and direction with Sierra. It was a great experience for all of us.”

– Lynn, Nick & Sierra


“You always do so many extras for us, just want to let you know how much we appreciate it.
Thanks for all the goodies and great workshop you are an awesome teacher…don’t quit.”

– Elise


“Thanks again for inspiring me and teaching me all year. I appreciate how much prep you put in
before class and the innovative ideas you come up with.” 

– Patricia